Why I? Jade Roll

Hi Beautiful Beings,

Welcome to the first post in my new series titled ‘Why I?’

The Why I? series will cover topics relating to holistic health, wellness and beauty.


Jade rolling is a ‘new age’ beauty trend we have all seen showing up in our social feeds lately.

While Jade rolling is the trend du jour this seemingly new age treatment has been used since ancient times.

What is Jade Rolling?

The idea of using Jade as a healing stone for skin is thousands of years old. Gua sha, a traditional Chinese treatment who’s practitioners believe detoxes the face by moving stagnant and unhealthy energy through the blood. Traditional practitioners use the Jade tool as a scraping mechanism,while the Jade roller is preferred by modern skin care practitioners as a gentler version of gua sha techniques on the face.

Historically Jade rolling is believed to have been practiced by wealthy Chinese women, and Jade is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a healing semi-precious gemstone and is considered a sign of power and immortality.

While it definitely doesn’t guarantee immortality it will make you glow girl!


Because of Jade’s healing properties and it being and all natural treatment I immediately starting searching for a face roller of my own.

I found a Jade Roller I liked and with a birthday  right around the corner swiftly added it to my wish list, guess what? Wish granted! 


The Benefits of Jade Rolling

Jade rolling increases circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage which de-puffs the face and also promotes skin elasticity by encouraging collagen production.

  • Relieves stress and tension
  •  Helps with dark circles around your eyes
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Rolls out wrinkles
  • Tones facial muscles
  • Can help with breakouts along the jawline because it relieves tension and toxins
  • Soothes skin
  • Relieves sinus pressure

Overall your skin should feel supple, bright and less puffy.

How I Roll

I love to roll my face in the morning, although you can roll your face at any tmie of the day.

After cleansing and toning, I apply Rosehip Oil and and gently massage this into my face with the roller.

I generally start with the smaller end of the Jade Roller under eyes, then move to my forehead, nose cheeks and jawline, I always roll my neck as well.

You want to move the roller in an upwards and outwards movement as shown below.

Shiffa Jade Facial Massage Rollers

 *Tip* Keep your Jade Roller in the fridge, the coolness of the stone will aid in de-puffing and detoxing even further.

*Tip* You can use the Jade Roller to roll the face when you are wearing a sheet mask to further aid absorption into the skin.



Have you tried Jade Rolling, did you see results?

Let me know in the comments.


With Love and Light



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